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Identity is one of the most complex problems, like safe AI or aging. It only appears be simple. It is complex because it has to answer the question: “Who is who?” in the universe, that is to create a trajectory in the space of all possible minds, connecting identical or continuous observer-moments. But such a trajectory would be of the same complexity as all space of possible minds, and that is very complex.


The main goal was to create something great and also that it would have a part of me. I choose to go a path that lead to me to a lot of thinking and making research about myself and who i’am really. It took me a lot of time to process and develop a personal identity for myself. I combined minimalistic style with something sharp to make most of it, and to reflect myself in a logotype.


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Desses is one-person Creative Studio from Rotterdam. Creating effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations.

Desses is specializing itself in Logo Design & Identity Systems, Website Design & SEO and Print & Digital Design for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.

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