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Getir App

From iceberg lettuce to ice-cold beer; we bring you everything you need (and more) within minutes. Stop by our shop at some of our locations, where you can take your groceries with you in an instant. Super easy!


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The challenge

Ice Mobile and Club Leaf gave us the task of coming up with a commercial solution for one of the five chosen food retailers that would make customers make more sustainable choices. After doing extensive research on our chosen target audience (20- to 25-year-old college students living out), we gave a presentation to the client on how we could solve the following problem:

There are students who are less aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing behavior, especially on carbon emissions. For these students, buying a product is often based primarily on price, quality and convenience. They will not readily consider the amount of CO2 emitted during the production, transportation or processing of a product.

The solution

By incorporating Shared Orders into the design, along with other features such as “Featured Products” and the “Points System” and “Carbon Footprint Advice,” we gained the best insights into what the target audience prefers to see while ordering products within the Getir app. All these insights together formed the foundation for our construction within the design which ended up being perfectly aligned with the feedback, demand and wishes of our target audience.


Some students may even wonder why they should care about CO2 emissions, since they believe it is only a small contribution to the environment and there are bigger problems we should be concerned with. Other students may not have enough information about the problems of CO2 emissions and its impact on the environment, leaving them unable to make informed decisions.

Another group of students who are less aware of carbon emissions when buying products are those who are concerned about their income, such as students with limited financial resources. They will often try to cut costs, which can lead to choosing cheaper products regardless of how much CO2 is emitted in production.

Shared orders

With the shared order functionality, you are able to join someone who is ordering close to you or to let someone join you by scanning the QR code. With that feature, you reduce the total deliveries Getir has. The local products are shown on the home screen by featured products, in that way, the target audience is more eager to choose those products.


Oskar Mieta – Captain & UX/UI Designer
Milan Hamel – UX/UI Designer
Marck Fieret – UX/UI Designer
Luuk Rosenquist – UX/UI Designer

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