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From iceberg lettuce to ice-cold beer; we bring you everything you need (and more) within minutes. Stop by our shop at some of our locations, where you can take your groceries with you in an instant. Super easy!


Getir App

From iceberg lettuce to ice-cold beer; we bring you everything you need (and more) within minutes. Stop by our shop at some of our locations, where you can take your groceries with you in an instant. Super easy!


The challenge

Partnering with Ice Mobile and Club Leaf, we sought an eco-friendly solution for five selected food retailers. Our aim? To promote sustainable choices. Specifically, we zeroed in on 20-25-year-old college students. Post comprehensive research, we enlightened our client through a presentation.

Here’s the dilemma: Many students remain oblivious to environmental consequences, notably carbon emissions. For them, purchasing factors revolve around price, quality, and ease. Sadly, they often neglect considering CO2 footprints throughout a product’s life cycle.

The solution

Leveraging Shared Orders and additional features like “Smart AI assistant”, “Points System”, and “Carbon Footprint Advice”, we unlocked pivotal insights for the Getir app users’ preferences. Consequently, these revelations set the cornerstone for our design approach. Ultimately, our blueprint impeccably resonated with our audience’s feedback, needs, and desires.


Students often ponder the significance of CO2 emissions, feeling there are graver issues at hand. Meanwhile, others lack information on CO2’s environmental repercussions, hindering informed choices. Furthermore, budget-conscious students, especially those with financial constraints, prioritize affordability. Consequently, they might opt for cost-effective products, overlooking the CO2 emissions in production.

Design principles

For the Getir app project, our core design objective was user-centricity. We aimed for an undistracting design that melds effortlessly with existing user experiences. Moreover, the design needed to efficiently promote local or sustainable purchases. Furthermore, we ensured dynamic function integration for swift navigation, minimizing clicks to reduce user frustration.

Shared orders

Incorporating the “shared orders” feature, the Getir app now empowers users to collaborate on orders via QR code scans. Essentially, this innovation aims to streamline Getir’s deliveries, fostering efficiency and sustainability.

The crux? Championing eco-friendly delivery methods and trimming Getir’s individual dispatches. By nudging users towards order-sharing, Getir not only embraces sustainability but also appeals to cost-conscious users valuing community ties.

Smart AI assistent

Harnessing the “smart assistant” feature, the app meticulously observes users’ in-app activities, calculating their carbon footprint from consumption trends. Consequently, it dishes out tailored advice, guiding users to curtail their carbon footprint.

What’s the essence? Simplifying sustainable decision-making for users. Through bespoke suggestions, the app enlightens users on environmental ramifications, spurring greener habits. In the grand scheme, this initiative diminishes the community’s collective carbon footprint, bolstering worldwide climate change mitigation efforts.

Local products

Targeting local appreciation, the “local products” feature accentuates products crafted nearby. For instance, it promotes selections made in Rotterdam.

Fundamentally, this feature champions local enterprises, fostering community ties between Getir app users and their vicinity. Moreover, it sets the Getir app apart, possibly drawing users who value and prioritize local purchases.


Oskar Mieta – Team Lead & UX/UI Designer
Milan Hamel – UX/UI Designer
Marck Fieret – UX/UI Designer
Luuk Rosenquist – UX/UI Designer

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