Creative Design Studio based in Rotterdam, Netherlands directed by Oskar Mieta

Specialized in building brands by crafting their brand strategy,
identity, and web presence.

Desses is one-person Creative Studio from Rotterdam specialising in branding, established by Oskar Mieta. I believe that designing visual identity systems is a process that begins long before the creation of the logo. I learn about everything the brand wants to communicate – from the client’s actual business requirements to their values, their consumers and their everyday reality.

I explore concepts, to relate customer and company, having as a principle the clients claims, always favoring direct contact with them. With a strong background in graphic design and website design I like to tell stories and move things in appealing ways.

Focused on creative and results-driven designs. Specialized in building brands by crafting their brand strategy, identity, and
web presence. Creating effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations.

If you are interested in working with me or just starting a conversation about anything; make a phone call, visit me or write an email – whatever you find convenient. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people just as much as i love modern design and a cup of coffee.


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I can help visualize even the craziest idea converting it into
elegant designs, unforgettable memory and catchy brand.

Branding & Brand Identity

I start the work by gaining a deep understanding of your brand and challenges. Brand strategy will set your company apart from the competition and ensure you are communicating the right message to the right audience.


•  Brand Rebranding
•  Brand Development
•  Logo & Identity Systems
•  Marketing Materials
•  Branding Guidelines

Brand Strategy

I create smart brands. My designs are idea-based, meaningful, and impactful. Branding is about expressing a company’s unique personality, building a consistent experience that resonates with customers, and builds lasting relationships.


•  Research
•  Discovery
•  Audience Analysis
•  Competitive Review
•  Strategic Direction

Web & Digital Design

I carefully design inclusive digital experiences for desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets, or websites. I help prototype and test products and create a powerful interface that seamlessly builds on brand strategy and company goals.


•  Prototyping
•  E-commerce
•  Wire-framing
•  Website Design
•  WordPress & SEO


Planning the future

I work with companies and organizations of all sizes to clarify their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors.



The first stage of the design process is the Discover phase where i engage in an inspirational brainstorming session to lay the partnership foundation, expectations, goals, and timeline.


In the next stage – Define, i outline the design problem, verify the most important values, and select the strongest features and key differentiators for the brand. The base for the project is built and the brand messaging is established.


Once the foundation is set, i begin the Design process where i present recommendations for multiple concepts that the client can choose from. This will be used as the primary direction of the project.


The last stage and maybe one of the most important components to the process is to DELIVER. The developed concepts are put in their final form for the full effect of the brand and product to be showcased. Let’s LAUNCH!

Oskar Mieta

Founder of Desses. He studied graphic and corporate design (as a Masterclass student) at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, where he graduated in 2020. Under the eye of Teldesign he designed products for Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, Dura Vermeer, HVC, Radboudumc, Univé and Zadkine. Thereafter he begon study Communication and Multimedia Design at Hogeschool Rotterdam to explore the design world even further.

Oskar strives for constant personal growth and is most inspired with a cup of fresh coffee. He explores concepts to connect customer and company, always preferring direct contact with the customer. With a strong graphic background, he enjoys telling stories and translating stories in appealing ways. In his spare time, he grows muscles while listening to music from the nineties.

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